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Stackable/Modular Crystal Moss Pole / Damage Free Propagation System

Stackable/Modular Crystal Moss Pole / Damage Free Propagation System

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This is our most innovative Product!

Not only can you stack the modularized compartments to extend the moss pole as your plants grow, it also makes propagation just THAT MUCH EASIER!

Traditional Moss Poles always creates a hassle when you try to rescue the aerial roots from the moss. It's almost impossible to prevent damage to the roots. 

With this product, all you need is to slide a blade between each module and

voilà! You have a clean, healthy, well rooted AND already potted plant cutting that's ready to be sold/gifted! No need to pick off the moss, apply fungicide, repot... NO MORE!

Each Pole has 3 types of modules: Base, Water Tank and Add-ons Extensions.


Base: 6x2x1.5 in

Add-on: 3x2x1.5 in each

Water Tank: 2x1.5x1.5 in

Customize Sizes available. Please contact me. Thank you!

*** This product comes disassembled, please follow video tutorial for assembly instruction***

*** Online orders might not include the rods to save you shipping cost. These rods can be easily found in hardware stores or even dollar stores***

***For every order, part of the proceed goes to supporting local neurodivergent students. ***


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