How much Weight can Acrylic Shelf Handle?

How much Weight can Acrylic Shelf Handle?

How much weight can acrylic shelves handle? 🤔 This is the million dollar question that we get every other day!

The short answer is: Depends. Depends on various factors like design, thickness, and weight distribution. 

We did an experiment with our Plantal Support INC shelves with the corresponding extended brackets. 

Riser shelf taking 8lb weight with no bowing

1/4 inch Milsbo riser shelf handles up to 8 lbs without bowing (we used GLASS! Nothing fell or broke). 

1/4 inch corner taking 8.8 lb with no bowing

1/4 inch Milsbo Corner Shelf (which is perhaps the least stable design out of  all) can handle 8.8 lbs without bowing.

1/4 inch corner shelf holding up 17+ lbs

We then added to 17lbs+ and the shelf held up with minimal bowing. 


We wanted to push it further but the shelf was out of space 😅 If you guys have anything else you’d like to see tested out, let me know and I will try out best to make it happen!


Of course, if in doubt, go with thicker + extended support!


NOTE: result may vary depending on the factors mentioned above. 

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