Optimal Plant Care Made Simple

Not only do our products minimize your effort caring for your plants,

they also support local neurodivergent students.

  • "I love the concept and I think yours is next level with the moss and other additives...

    - WePotPlants_

  • "Highly Highly recommended 💖💚"

    - Paulyn A.

  • "The challenge with these moss poles I got from a local maker, is they make my plants size up TOO QUICKLY! Hoping to pick up some bigger ones this weekend! In all honesty, though, these poles are amazing. Clear backs so you can see the roots, nice and stable AND they stay wet for a week! A week! In my 35% humidity."

    - Quirky Lemon

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Our Purpose

Plantal Support INC is funded & operated by a university student.

The university our funder attends is famous for providing some of the highest qualitied education in Canada. Unfortunately, that comes at the cost of highly stressed students and quite a few suicide incidences.

Throughout the years, this university has been taking actions to improve on the mental welfare of its students, sadly it is still far from enough.

We recognize that what we do here at Plantal Support is not sufficient to change the situation completely, but EVERY LITTLE BIT COUNTS.

When you put down an order with us, a certain percentage goes towards our fundraiser for neruodivergent students, ie. students who are suffering from mental illness. We thank you for your support.