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Akerbar Large (65cm) Modification Kit

Akerbar Large (65cm) Modification Kit

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Roof replacement:

  - Holes for ziptie pegboard, light, fans and more

  - Slot for cable to go through


  - Use the vertical space to maximize the usability!

  - Compatible with SKÅDIS Accessories


  - Requires with our pegboard. 

  - approx. 2.5x15.5 inch shelf space 

Propagation Station: 

  - Requires with our pegboard

  - Can fit a total of 12 tubes of different sizes

  - Comes with 12 tubes

Elevated floor: 

  - Slotted floor comes with multiple legs and screws

  - Elevate your plants

  - Provide drainage. Avoid plants from sitting in water which would cause root rot

  - Slotted for humidity to come from bottom

  * The floor will be simply slotted, unlike the one in video*

Fan cover: 

  - Screw this on your fan to hang on the roof easily!

Whole Set: 
  - Everything above with the corresponding size fan cover. 
  * NOTE: only contains the fan cover. The fan itself is not included.  

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