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Plantal Support INC

IKEA BLÅLIDEN Greenhouse Cabinet Acrylic Shelf

IKEA BLÅLIDEN Greenhouse Cabinet Acrylic Shelf

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Clear Acrylic shelves for BLÅLIDEN
Designed with ventilation slots and holes for electrical cords (Fans, lights, humidifier etc)
If you have heavy decorative pots, go for 3/8" for sturdy support. 
1/4" might have slight bending with heavy plants/after watering. 

**Video of 3D models are for demonstrations only, might not be to scale**
From Canada 🇨🇦, shipping World Wide🌏

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We are currently trying to fundraise 1000 CAD to support local Neurodivergent students who recently went through hospitalization. We will post updates on the fundraiser on our Instagram and our newsletter. You are more than welcomed to follow or sign up to join us on this healing journey.

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